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2018 Abstracts to the Programme

Title: Status of the life sciences industry today, impact on sponsor-CRO relationships and on day-to-day work in clinical research

Presenter: MARSAT, Jean-Luc: Partner,AEC-Partners Network and former Managing Director of SGS Clinical Research.

Presentation Slides: Click here to access

Organisation: AEC-Partners Network and former Managing Director of SGS Clinical Research.


The pharmaceutical industry is facing a complete shift in revenue with blockbusters ending and new molecules bringing revenue far below the past trends. To face this challenge and keep their new product development capability and maintain their profitability, the pharmaceutical companies are reconsidering their R&D organisation by putting in place aggressive changes.

One of the key elements is the increase of outsourcing to CROs and the request to optimise the clinical development budgets.

This implies from the pharmaceutical companies acquisitions of compounds from biotechs, long term partnership strategies with CROs with program development and a more aggressive vendor management attitude.

Innovation is as well a strong focus of the pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their clinical trials and optimise their budget. Digitalisation will optimise the different phases of the clinical research, creating a new dynamic on the clinical trials and participating to the consolidation of the CRO market. This market is accelerating its consolidation with several players above 5billons $ in revenue. Private Equity funds are focusing their investments to participate to the consolidation.

These drivers are influencing the day-to-day work of the data managers who are moving into new challenges.

Learning Objective 1: To understand the global context and appreciate the future changes

Learning Objective 2: To put in place a real innovation strategy to engage the CRO company in a competitive battle

Learning Objective 3: To accelerate the R&D reorganisation for the pharma companies


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