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Rob Nichols

Rob Nichols



As part of high performing management teams in growing companies Rob has applied strong leadership and communication skills to define and convert large-scale strategic objectives into commercially successful outcomes across diverse regions including USA, Japan, India, China and Europe. Rob has repeatedly been part of teams assessing future industry requirements, leading to the driving of novel approaches, resulting in wide scale uptake in a variety of what have become mainstream eClinical offerings – including eDC at Phase Forward, eSource at IQVIA, and Risk Based Approaches at Algorics. Rob has presented at numerous global data management conferences over the last 20 years, including presentations at SCDM, DIA and OCT among others. Rob has also served as chair of the ACDM

Title of Session: BYOD, the gateway to patient centricity

Description of Session:

There is a paradigm shift in how data is being captured for clinical research. Patients are demanding to move away from a time heavy model involving site visits, interviews and manual data collection. This is the trend to digital assessments and is often viewed through the prism of eCOA and ePRO as part of a clinical trial.

The way eCOA and ePRO are currently implemented has inherent barriers to adoption. Cumbersome provisioned devices, combined with outdated technology and user interfaces have merely automated the paper based approach rather than innovate with the new technology to improve patient experience.

The rise of the ubiquitous smart phone and tablet device and unlocks a new approach. BYOD. By allowing the patient to use their own device, many benefits are seen across the entire ecosystem. And regulation is shifting to take advantage of this.

I will share case studies, learning as well as bust some of the myths of BYOD, such as it leaves older patients behind.

Learning Objectives:

Benefits of BYOD

How regulatory landscape is changing in regards to BYOD and clinical research

Case studies and patient feedback

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