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ACDM24 Demo Session List

Full Demo Sessions

Full Demo Sessions are one hour sessions that run back-to-back throughout the 2 main conference days. These will mainly run at the same time as plenary and breakout sessions on the main programme. Your full demo session does not need to run the full hour, it is up to you how to utilise the time.

Norway & Denmark = rooms in the main conference area

Top of Town = room at the top of the hotel, stunning views over the City from 25 storeys up 

Please consult the full programme to see what main sessions are on at each of these times – Full Programme

Please note that rooms are subject to change

Demo SessionTimeDayLocationCompany
108:15Day 1Norway
208:15Day 1Denmark
309:15Day 1Norway
409:15Day 1Denmark
510:30Day 1Top of Town
611:30Day 1Top of Town
712:45Day 1Top of Town
813:45Day 1Top of Town
914:45Day 1Top of Town
1015:45Day 1Top of Town
1116:00Day 1Norway

eClinical Solutions

1216:00Day 1Denmark
1317:20Day 1Top of Town
1409:00Day 2Norway
1509:00Day 2Denmark
1610:00Day 2Top of Town
1711:00Day 2Top of Town
1812:00Day 2Top of Town
1912:45Day 2Norway
2012:45Day 2Denmark
2113:45Day 2Norway
2213:45Day 2Denmark