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Booking T&Cs

Event Booking Terms & Conditions

T&C version 3.0 1st October 2021

1. Before you book

  1. Make sure you have funding approval before you book. Once your online booking is completed you are committed to the booking and will be liable for event fees.
  2. Check with your finance/accounts/procurement depts. for payment information e.g. does a purchase order need to be raised?
  3. Once you have approval and all the invoicing/payment information go to the online booking system to book your place. The online booking needs to be completed for a place to be secured

2. Payment

  1. Payment in full must be received prior to the event. Exceptions may be made for late bookings.
  2. Payment can be made by BACs, Cheque and Credit Card (via Stripe)

3. Online Booking System

  1. All bookings are done through the Online Booking System
  2. Confirmation of your booking is sent immediately to the email address supplied in your booking details. If you have not received this, please check your spam/junk email folders. If you still have not received the confirmation email please email: and we will resend this to you.
  3. Please check you have received confirmation for the event you wanted to book and that the details of the booking are correct. Please be aware that you may receive more than one confirmation if you have booked components of the event under separate bookings/invoices.

4. Pre-event information & final reminder

  1. Any pre-event information will be sent to you by email approximately four weeks prior to the event.

5. At the event

  1. Dress code for all events will be stated in the final confirmation email approximately 4 weeks prior to the event.
  2. Due to operational factors outside of our control it may be necessary to change the hotel you have been allocated to (if you have booked accommodation with us). Should this happen we will provide full details of the alternative hotel and no extra cost will be incurred.

6. Cancellation of Event and/or bookings

ACDM will strive to hold ACDM22 conference as a live (in person) event at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh. The ACDM is aware that some delegates will be travelling from overseas countries and therefore additional COVID-related restrictions may be put in place by either the host country (Scotland) or the delegate’s own country at short notice. In making this booking you agree to the following:

  1. Scotland imposes restrictions meaning the Event is not able to go ahead. This includes, but is not limited to, closure of the venue, a limit on the number of people attending an event, closure of borders. In this case, the Event will move to a virtual presentation only event (no exhibition). This virtual event will be a reduced format and not equate to the running of ACDM22. ACDM22 will be postponed to a later date and all delegate bookings and payments will be rolled forward. Refunds will not be made but the delegate/company reserves the right to change the delegate who attends the postponed event. A fee will be charged to attend the Virtual Event and the existing payment may be used for this purpose with the remaining amount carried over as part payment for the postponed Event.
  2. Event goes ahead in-person but local restrictions prevent some delegates from attending. In such cases, the ACDM will provide access to the delegate to participate in the event remotely (hybrid event). The ACDM will not refund the payment for the delegate but will carry a 50% credit forward to attendance at the next ACDM Conference and allow a second person to access the online access for the hybrid event.
  3. Company policy or personal preference prevents the delegate from attending. In this case, the delegate will be given access to the event remotely (hybrid event) and no refund or credit will be applicable.
  4. The ACDM reserves the right at any time to change the format of the event and point (a) will apply. The ACDM will do this without liability for any consequential or indirect loss

7. Exhibitor Cancellations/Changes

  1. Exhibitor & Exhibition Stand cancellations will be accepted up to 6 weeks prior to the event and must be sent by email. Exhibitor personnel bookings can be cancelled up to 6 weeks of the event and an administration fee of £30 +VAT will be charged. Exhibitor stand bookings can be cancelled up to 6 weeks of the event and 25% of the stand fee will be charged, resulting in a refund of 75% of the stand fee. The 25% cancellation fee reflects the promotional activities and social media activities that will be happening in the run up to the event and will include considerable visibility of the exhibitor.
  2. No refunds will be given for cancellations within 6 weeks of the event.
  3. Substitute exhibitor personnel will be accepted at any time. Please email with details of the original booking and details of the new delegate including any dietary needs if necessary.
  4. If within 6 weeks of the event you are unable to attend the event due to your company imposed travel restrictions then this will not entitle you to any refund of your booking and full payment will need to be made if payment has not already been completed.
  5. If within 6 weeks of the event you are unable to attend the event (and subject to the event going ahead, see 9b & 9c) due to government restrictions preventing your attendance then the ACDM will not refund your booking and your company will need to make full payment and, if required, claim against their own insurance.
  6. In the event of a cancellation for reasons outside the control of the ACDM term 9c will apply.

8. Sponsorship Bookings

  1. The benefits of sponsorship start from the point of booking the opportunity. This includes but is not limited to visibility on social media, marketing activities and mailings and website branding. As a result of this, it is not possible to cancel sponsorship opportunities.
  2. If the event is cancelled, for any reason, the sponsorship booking will carry forward to either the new date of the event or to the following year’s event. No additional fees will be charged and the specification of the sponsorship opportunity will remain the same. No refunds will be given.
  3. If the company no longer wishes to sponsor the event (e.g. due to acquisition, insolvency) then you must notify ACDM immediately and the sponsorship will be removed.  No refunds will be given.

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