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NameMaria Craze
OrganisationMerck Sharpe & Dohme Inc (MSD)
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Title of abstract Up skilling data managers of the future

The days of the traditional data manager of the past, manually entering data from a paper CRF into a database and passing that data along for another data manager to manually clean, are LONG GONE. Today, most see the data manager as a processor of the clinical data in an EDC system; turning clinical requirements into specifications, verifying edit checks, running exception reports and listings, etc. to clean the data and manually writing queries to site staff. Then stop and repeat. But I pose that even this role of the data manager is becoming obsolete and is the new definition of the “past” when describing a data manager. The role of the data manager is evolving, and we can catch up and stay ahead, or get lost in the past. Data Managers will have to think more intelligently and handle more complex scenarios as automation takes care of the repeatable and predictable. The Future data manager must be highly skilled in end-to end study design, signal detection, risk management, problem solving and team leadership as well as have a high tolerance for the ambiguous and live and breathe adaptability. We must recruit data managers for their POTENTIAL in these areas, cultivate that potential and develop the data managers for the future. Traditional activity-based learning plans and sequential development plans just do not evolve fast enough. In this session, the panel of CDM experts will provide their perspectives on the past, present and most importantly the future of the data manager. This must be a CONTINUAL EVOLUTION and never again a once and done catch up exercise. Just as the science and technology of clinical trials is evolving so must the data manager.


First learning objectiveEducate the audience on the skill set needs for the future CDM
Second learning objectiveHelp CDM managers/leaders in the audience to think about how to evolve their DMs for the future
Third learning objectiveAddress audience questions and concerns around the role of the DM of the future
Presenter Details 
Name Maria Craze 
OrganisationMerck Sharp & Dhome Inc. (MSD)
Job titleExecutive Director- Global Data Operations
Name Armand Matejunas 
OrganisationAccenture Life Sciences
Job titleClinical Data Operations Lead Accenture
Name Christopher Lamplugh 
OrganisationMerck & Co., Inc. (Kenilworth, New Jersey, U.S.A.)
Job titleHead of Global Data Management and Standards (GDMS)
Name Catherine Célingant 
Job titleOncology Therapeutic Area Lead in the Data Monitoring and Management Organisation
Name Mike Jagielski 
Job titlePresident & CEO