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Name Tanya du Plessis
Organisation Bioforum
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Title of abstract  It’s a small world after-all (Managing young and often virtual talent)

Times are changing, the work-place “looks different”. It looks physically different (what we actually see) and professionally different (how we experience the working environment. With less people being office bound, and more companies expanding their geographic foot prints, the fact that your may have a big team (around you or reporting to you) but not physically with you in the office is a real reality. Additionally, a whole new generation (The millennials) have joined the work force and have brought with them new approaches to career management.

Additionally, the way we work has also changed drastically. Very few companies are hosting data files locally, and even fewer are limiting network access to the office space only. Yet, we see many companies continuously trying to apply aged management plans, and employee engagement strategies, to a work place.

The question how do we change? What should we be focusing on to retain young talent? and keep them talent engaged? How do we reply on our trustworthy management principles and yet apply them differently?

In this session I will speak about how to over come these hurdles and get the most out of the new dynamic work-force and virtual work place, without loosing engagement and team dynamic. I will share experience on methods that worked as well as those that didn’t/don’t, what are the common pit-falls and of course how to plan ahead for change.


First learning objective Understanding how the work place and work force has changed
Second learning objective Gaining new knowledge on how to adapt to the conditions (Managing young and often virtual talent)
Third learning objective Sharing experience on what works and what does not
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Name  Tanya du Plessis 
Organisation Bioforum
Job title VP, Data Strategies and Solutions