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Name Tanya du Plessis
Organisation Bioforum
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Title of abstract  Beating the African odds with eSource

eSource has been a buzz word for a few years. It has been said to take over the EDC platforms that we know and completely change the way we collect and manage our data. However the question is, is this really as simple and “easy” as some people make it sound?

eSource is not new to sites, or clinical teams. They have been viewing/monitoring eSource data for many years since many sites have EMR/EHR’s. However this has always been in conjunction with an EDC platform. The concept of extracting/collect data directly has been an idea for a number for years since it could eliminate the frustrations around data transcription to an EDC platform. However with new technologies this is now possibility. The question is this the best fit for every study? We can discuss the pro’s and cons from actual trials, however one shoe may not fit all.

However one arena where we are seeing great advantage in eSource is in the African trial setting. The African setting for clinical trials has unique challenges where all of the first world resources we are so accustomed to are not available, and things like internet connectivity and resources are taken for granted. We will discuss how an eSource strategy has improved data collection, improved data quality and excelled timelines. The benefits for the clinical teams as well as high level oversight are also important aspects that are impacted positively by this change in data collection.

The trial design, site structure and planned analyses/reviews are often adapted to accommodate this unique environment in Africa. We can speak about the unique way in which eSource has changed data management approaches, data capture and clinical monitoring.

One shoe definitely will not fit all, however when it does fit, it functions very well.


First learning objective Gaining knowledge on how new approaches can solve old problems
Second learning objective Gaining knowledge on real experiences
Third learning objective Better understanding of eSource
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Name  Tanya du Plessis 
Organisation Bioforum
Job title VP, Data Strategies and Solutions