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Name Sheelagh Aird
Organisation Phastar
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Title of abstract  Key Performance Indicators: Driving Process Optimisation

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are values which demonstrate an organisation’s performance, strengths, and opportunities for improvement. Whilst high level KPIs are often used to monitor the health of partnerships between companies, targeted KPIs should be used to focus on the improvement of processes and procedures to ensure the quality and timeliness of key deliverables.

What should be the goal of KPIs? Most KPIs will have levels of expectation assigned – Minimum Level and Target Level. What are we achieving by meeting these levels? Associating KPIs to processes or procedures which are already delivering high levels of efficiency will mostly tell us what we already know – the process/procedure is performing well. Pat on the back! So how do we effectively use KPIs to track process improvements and efficiencies in terms of time and costs? Phastar’s approach stems from our core values and golden roles – Understand, Interpret, Check and Drive.

This session will share some of our tools, techniques and strategies for identifying processes which can be improved. Starting with a ‘no blame’ ethos and implementation of the golden rules, we will discuss measurements in terms of what, when and how including use of KPI data to assist our root cause analysis for process optimisation.


First learning objective How to target KPIs for effective data management process improvement
Second learning objective Effective measurement of KPIs
Third learning objective Using KPIs for root cause analyses
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Name  Sheelagh Aird 
Organisation Phastar
Job title Head, Clinical Data Operations