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Name Jennifer Bradford
Organisation PHASTAR
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Title of abstract  Wearables data and clinical trials: insights and learnings from a feasibility study

Despite the hype surrounding consumer-grade wearable technology in healthcare, the role of patient-generated data alongside traditionally collected data on a clinical trial is not fully understood. Ongoing clinical trials that utilise consumer-grade devices, specifically activity trackers, focus on their use as an intervention for example in behavioural studies or as an endpoint measure. There is limited evidence of how data from such devices might be used more generally together with traditionally collected trial data.
Consumer wrist-worn activity trackers continue to gain in popularity and typically measure steps, heart rate, activity and sleep. This rich data source could potentially offer insights into the general health and well-being of individuals on a clinical trial. We performed a feasibility study to look at the data generated from activity trackers and discuss challenges and potential solutions around the data workflow; from data access through to meaningful analysis and interpretation.


First learning objective Appreciate the potential for different wearables on clinical trials and the sort of data generated
Second learning objective Understand some of the challenges around wearables and clinical trials
Third learning objective Realise ways in which wearable data could be used to provide meaningful insights on a clinical trial
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Name  Jennifer Bradford 
Organisation PHASTAR
Job title Head of Data Science