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Name Emma Albacar
Organisation TFS
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Title of abstract  Alliances for the development of new e-tools – challenges and opportunities from DM perspective

Patient retention represents an important challenge in some therapeutic areas. Some late phase studies, but also clinical trials, may be destined to fail due to a low patient retention. In example, the prevalence of chronic psoriasis in Western industrialized countries is around 2% (>30M people). Most treatments have side effects that may lead patients to withdrawn the treatment, increasing the risk of suffering other concomitant conditions like psoriatic arthritis or cardiovascular diseases. The impact of low patient retention in patient’s quality of life is also something that worries to the clinicians.

This fact has inspired an alliance among Pharmaceutical companies, CROs and EDC vendors for developing apps to improve patient retention. In addition this app collects ePRO data and offers another functionalities and links to specific tools useful for patient condition. There are also reminders for medication in order to make them more compliant and side effect reporting so the sites can plan actions for them.

The app has been developed, validated and placed in production in 6 months since the signature of the contract. Currently, subjects has started to use it and the study is ongoing. The patient retention tool can be accessible for patients from their own mobile phone and for the sites through one portal hosting the EDC, the app and the eConsent with just one single login. Data Managers can also benefit of this single access to the platform and make their job more efficient.

In six month from now, we expect to evaluate the impact of this new tool, re-evaluate the content and continue improving the app on benefit of the patients. During our presentation, we would like to focus not only in the implementation challenges and opportunities for patients but also to analyst the benefits for every role using the tool.


First learning objective Custom a solution (e-tool) in benefit of the patient, sites and CDMs. How it works? Steps of the development.
Second learning objective Leason learnt from the new tool and acceptance from the patients and sites. Next steps.
Third learning objective How to built up a success relationship between 3 parties (starting from the contract/agreement, followup and succesful product)
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Name  Emma Albacar 
Organisation TFS
Job title Senior Director Data Management
Name  Albana Shahini 
Organisation TFS
Job title Senior Clinical Data Manager