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Name Marcus Schwabedissen
Organisation QFINITY
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Title of abstract  Digital Transformation in the GCP Regulated World – More than just Technology

To reduce the overall costs of drugs, pharmaceutical companies need to look for innovations in the pharmaceutical value chain and research and development, especially clinical trials, which represent a great opportunity. It becomes more and more obvious that, in this space, digital transformations like wearables, health apps, and social media are being increasingly adopted by pharma companies and CROs alike, which will, in turn, improve the entire spectrum of patient recruitment, engagement and retention throughout the clinical trials study. In addition, new methods like virtual studies and technologies like artificial intelligence provide opportunities in this context and increase the speed of digital transformation. The presentation should provide an insight into what this development means for clinical trials and trigger discussions about the changed role of humans in future clinical trials and the importance of ethics and culture.


First learning objective Understand the current status of digital transformation in clinical trials
Second learning objective Get insight in future trends
Third learning objective Recognize value of ethics and culture as catalyst in the context of digital transformation
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Name  Marcus Schwabedissen 
Organisation QFINITY
Job title Chief Operating Officer and Senior Executive Consultant