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Venue 360s

Brussels Marriott

This is the Ballroom that splits into two with a dividing wall (not shown). The back half is the exhibition area, the front half the conference room. Delegates have to walk through the exhibition area to get to the Conference Room.

Outside the Ballroom which is where coffee and food will be served as well as possibly in the Exhibition Area.


Radisson Blu

This is the main Atrium area. The stairs behind Adrian lead up to the first floor where the conference space is. The Registration desk would be at the right hand side of the stairs If you walk to the right you see the old wall of Brussels and the space on the first floor behind is the conference space.

Main Conference Room

Outside the main conference room which will house 6 exhibitors and food/drink. The doors lead to additional exhibition space.



This is the main conference room. Accessed from the rear corner. To get to this the delegates must pass through the Exhibition Area.

Exhibition area is large enough for 12-14 stands and will also be able to be used for food/drink. There is a lobby area as well. The open door leads to the conference room.