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ACDM24 Sponsor Bio


Sponsor Type: Premier | Interactive Sponsor

Clincase is a comprehensive EDC and clinical data management system for clinical trials. With over 20 years of experience, our suite offers a user-friendly interface for investigators, data managers, and monitors.

Clincase allows you to collect, process, review, and report data for streamlined data management. Our software simplifies clinical trials by providing a single login for all features and modules, allowing easy management of specialized data across studies. Gain visibility, efficiency, and improved study outcomes with our software suite, resulting in reduced study timelines and faster delivery of treatments to patients.

Continuing our sense for innovation, Clincase used a more patient centric approach to re-innovate and further refine the Clincase model to develop a solution for electronic patient-reported outcome ( ePRO) with added functionalities that include a Clinical Supply System (CSS), an e-learning platform and, in response to the growing availability of smartphones, the development of Clincase ePRO to capture data from patients themselves.