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The WalkMe Walk-Through was created 10 years ago and provides in-app contextual rich-text/media balloons that guide the user cross-application from the first to the last step across the entire user journey. The guidance changes according to the real time user behaviour and actions, and branches to accommodate the user’s choices to assure that the users do not stray from the expected flow and complete the process successfully.

We believe that our Digital Adoption Platform can help every organisation achieve their digital transformation and application adoption goals by connecting data and action to improve business processes and outcomes.

WalkMe aims to resolve the two problems consistently faced by CIO’s when driving digital application adoption being:
1. Poor user experience for their employees and customers resulting in missed business goals and slower ROI from their SaaS investments
2. Lack of visibility into their tech stack

Understanding the business processes and software usage are fundamental to developing scale and agility to fulfil the promise of technology. But the technology in itself is nothing without adoption. Organisations need to adapt to the new industry macro trends of the digital workforce and remote hybrid ecosystem as they are imperative to success. With no clear view on the CIO or CDO’s part and no clear enterprise user experience strategy deployed, the two clash. This clash is causing over 70% of organisations to fail at reaching their desired transformation goals.
WalkMe has the unique ability to take action on the data unlocked and deliver a global, scalable digital enterprise experience on top of any device.